Reviews and Testimonials

We love hearing from folks who appreciate SimpliBudget, and we do hear from them regularly! Here are some snippets of what people are saying:

  1. LH

    Holly English

    Sept 16, 2012

    Techdraginfo: Apple Lends An Innovative Touch With Its Whizzing Finance Apps for Mac

    "If you’re an avid Apple geek, and have defined your loyalty to the iSeries products, then you’re going to be one happy soul. The Simplibudget app lets you do exactly what is expected of it; preparing your budget and bringing home the finances while the whole month’s plan is budgeted on a platter for you. Deal with interactive charts and enjoy the dynamic syncing of the charts to your iPhone and iPad devices."

  2. LH

    Taylor E. Duscha

    March 28, 2012

    Temple University's Fox School of Business Smart Owls Go Cheap Blog: Smart Technology helps with Smart Decisions…

    "SimpliBudget is a great app to create and track your spending and overall income. It also lets you create categories and allows you to really see where each purchase falls. There are interactive charts and other tools to make budgeting a snap! Its only 99 cents, which should definitely fit in anyone’s budget."

  3. LH

    Brandon Neighbor

    March 6, 2012

    “Simply 5 stars. This is a great, simple budgeting app that I’m using to do my first every official budget. This app avoids all the confusing specs of some other more meticulous budgeting apps and just gets the job done. Whether it’s your first budget or thousandth, you’ll love this app.”

  4. LH


    Dec 19, 2011

    OneDayOneApp Blog: TODAY’S APP 19th DECEMBER 2011

    "SimpliBudget is a very simple and easy to use app that helps you develop and track a monthly personal budget."

  5. LH


    Oct 9, 2011

    "I’ve been using this app since it first came out and I continue to love using it! It soooo works for me. Easy to use, great features, new enhancements that are added on a regular basis. What more could you want out of an app!”

  6. LH

    Tropical Fool

    Sept 13, 2011

    “Does what it says it will do & does it well. And the technical support is stunning. I put in a feature request and had a response within hours!”

  7. LH

    Brennan Griffith

    July 11, 2011

    “Simply AWESOME!!!!”

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